1500 Series Audio/Video

We are proud to feature Audio Authority Products in all of our drive-up equipment. Contact Fortis Sales for pricing and information on series to A/V

Series 2 Benefits:

  • Higher Quality Sound and Video
    • Audio Authority has experience designing sound, choosing high quality microphones and speakers.
    • Clear audio signals – differential balanced line prevents interference.
    • Optimized for human speech.
    • Special filters eliminate background noise.
  • Easier Installation with a Single Cat 5 Cable
    • Designed for simple and inexpensive wiring.
    • One Cat 5 cable carries all the signals for the entire system.
    • Add features without running more wire – like traffic sensor, or even 2-way video .
    • Cat 5 cable allows differential balanced line transmission, which rejects interference, and allows clear transmissions up to 750 feet.
  • Better Product Flexibility and Optionality
    • The system behavior can be programmed via one counter station.
    • A system configuration can be saved to an SD card for backup or to duplicate for similar installations.
    • The intelligent lane station is ideal for simple 2-way audio, or adding all kinds of other capabilities like 1-way or 2-way video, traffic sensors, and door latch contacts.
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